About Us

What does AMAI mean?

The word "AMAI" translates to sweet in Japanese. Just as our name, we are proud to be able to provide an sweet experience

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a fresh new experience in coffee and boba culture.  We are local and community-driven, AMAI is your neighborhood hangout that is always friendly with highest quality food and drink offerings. 

Our Story

AMAI Tea & Cafe was started by passionate angelenos who love good boba and great coffee.  All of our tea, coffee, and boba are made fresh each morning.  The house coffee is rich and slow-dripped, following a traditional Vietnamese Phin drip method. Our specialty foams (Ube foam, cream puff, sea salt foam, and many more) are whipped in-house with each beverage deliciously hand-made to order.  Our beverages are beautiful as they are delicious.  We take pride in the fresh and unique combinations of flavors and textures you will find in our menu.